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Commercial Photographers Network Bristol
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Here are some useful sites that may be of interest to you as well as helpful links to other websites that give more information on Lindsay Fowke. 



Commercial Photographers Network (CPN)

The CPN is a member’s run network of highly experienced photographers who cover the UK.  They work exclusively in advertising, architectural, commercial, corporate, editorial, industrial and PR work.

The members have all been handpicked by their peers in the network. Therefore When commissioning a photographer you can be assured that you will be working with someone who has many years experience and will produce work of the highest professional standards. It’s as good as a recommendation!


AOP – Association of Photographers

This is a membership based organisation consisting of photographers and their mission statement is

"To promote and protect the worth and standing of our members, to vigorously defend, educate and lobby for the interests and rights of all photographers in the photographic profession."


Copyright 4 Clients

In depth and invaluable information on the laws surrounding the ethics and standard of practice within the photography industry.


British Copyright Council

The British Copyright Council (BCC) is a national consultative and advisory body helping organizations/business to understand copyright and intellectual property laws.


Marketing & Creative Handbook

The Marketing & Creative Handbook is currently in its 16th year and is well-known in the creative industry. Offering a one-stop-website that covers all your creative, marketing, and photographic services right at your fingertips.


The British Journal of Photography

This is a long establish magazine that is well worth a read. The British Journal of Photography delivers everything you would ask for. It covers up-to-the-minute news features from around the world and the latest reviews. Keeping you in touch of the photography industry.



YouTube provides a platform for people to showcase, educate and deliver a marketing strategy across the globe in the medium of moving pictures. A well as all the fun elements.



Millions of people from all walks of life sharing their own story through the medium of photos.



This is a website that connects and helps you find a wide range of like minded people/business that you would like to join up with and be associated with or just keeping in touch with people.



Twitter is for the “Now” and is a great tool if you want to know what’s happening with business and people you relate or care about in a global market.!/Lindsphoto



Facebook is an online social media site that helps you share and connect with like minded business/people that matters most.

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